As referenced in Chapter 4 - Do You See how Others See You? This is a fun exercise to help investigate what’s going on inside your mind. Print off a copy of the illustration below (you can click on it to open it up separately for a large version) and follow the instructions:

  1. Turn each of the shapes into a different picture, it can be anything you want, whatever comes to your mind. Do whatever comes up first.
  2. Put one to three words around each image, on what that represents to you. Maybe you turned the triangle into a pyramid, what does a pyramid signify to you?
  3. Don’t read the information at the end of this page until these steps are complete.

shapesDon’t read below until the above steps are complete

This exercise is not meant to be taken as a complete science, rather it’s a fun experiment to help understand what may be going on in your head, and what you are projecting.

The square represents your overall perception of life. For example, if you turned it into a computer and wrote “Work,” ask yourself if your life is preoccupied with your career? Do you long to spend more time with your family and do things that make you truly happy?

The Oval represents your religious views, philosophy, and spirituality.

The Rectangle represents your home life.

The Hourglass/Blob represents your creativity and your sexuality.

The Triangle represents how others see you.

The Dot is how you see yourself.

Did you draw a flower and use the words “beautiful” or “pretty?” Just like in the Dove Video, if the dot and triangle don’t match, ask yourself if you’re putting yourself down or not seeing your own greatness. We may also turn the dot into something we feel is too positive and not an accurate representation of our own perceptions. If that’s the case, then take a good hard look at that. Maybe this is an opportunity to finally see your inner worth and beauty.

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